Bobby Roberts

I used to co-host a talkshow. It was called cortandfatboy. It died after 8 years. It was pretty good, and a fair amount of people liked it. Then I co-hosted a show called Welcome to That Whole Thing. Not as many people liked that one, but it was still pretty good. It died after 2 years. I got in some Nerdfights, helped X-Plain some X-Men, got caught being Full of Sith more than a few times, and now I’m going through the ’80s all Over again.

I work at a newspaper now. It’s called the Portland Mercury. This is some of the stuff they’ve let me write. The rest of the stuff I’ve written I stashed here for you to look at if you wanna look at it.

I’ve made some nerdy mashup albums and a couple of one-shots. They’re called Geek: Remixed. I basically take a sack of drums, and throw them at film scores, TV themes, and video game music. I taught myself how to make beats between 1994-1996 using a bunch of home audio equipment, a sampler, and a turntable. I basically never progressed past that sound, either. So if you were wondering what it would sound like if John Williams and Erick Sermon made a mixtape together? Check that out.

My real name is Bobby Roberts. I have very redundant parents. I got a nickname, though, so that’s good. The nickname was Fatboy, though, so that’s not as good. I got it from my friends in high school, who noted both my gender and my body-type. I had very uninspired friends. But it was a nickname, and as such, most of the things I did online, I did under that nickname. I’m no longer fat, and I’m no longer all that young, and I really don’t use the nickname at all anymore, so that’s quite the solid slab of contradictions going on. Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes.

I stole that last bit from Whitman.

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